opening noun

1 beginning

ADJ. successful | chess, conversational

OPENING + NOUN day, night | lines, pages | gambit

PREP. ~ to the famous opening to the novel

2 hole; way in/out

ADJ. large, wide | narrow, small | window

VERB + OPENING cut | block, seal

PREP. ~ in to cut an opening in the fence

3 opportunity; job which is available

ADJ. new | possible | clear (used in the context of sport and games) He missed one of the clearest openings in the game. | career, political

VERB + OPENING create Cooper created the opening for Russell to shoot the first goal. | give sb | miss

PREP. ~ for, ~ in career openings for biologists in the Ministry of Health

4 ceremony

ADJ. grand | formal | official, royal, state the state opening of Parliament


OPENING + NOUN ceremony