open adj.

1 not closed

VERBS be, gape, lie, stand The book lay open in front of him. The door stood open. | burst, clang, creak, fall, fly, judder, sag, swing The bag fell open. Suddenly the door flew open. The woman's mouth sagged open. The gate swung open. | remain | fling sth, flip sth, get sth, prise sth, pull sth, push sth, tear sth, throw sth, wrench sth, yank sth She flung the door open and rushed in. She flipped open Chris's diary. He tore the letter open. | have sth, hold sth, keep sth, leave sth She held the door open for them. | find sth, see sth I found the door open.

ADV. fully, wide The door was wide open. | slightly

2 honest and willing to talk

VERBS be, seem

ADV. extremely, very | absolutely, completely, quite

PREP. about She's very open about her mistakes. | with I don't think you've been completely open with me.

3 available for people to use

VERBS be | remain, stay In spite of the snow, the roads remained open. Some of the supermarkets stay open till ten. | keep sth We want to keep the village store open.

PREP. to The car park is only open to residents.

4 having begun

VERBS be | declare sth The Australian premier declared the Olympic Games open.

ADV. officially The bridge is officially open now.