old adj.

1 age

VERBS be, feel, look, seem You are as old as you feel.

ADV. enough He's old enough by now to manage his own affairs.

PHRASES six months, ten years, etc. old

2 not young

VERBS be, feel, look, seem, sound The way the young people rushed about made her feel old. He was beginning to look old. | become, get, grow We're all getting older. As they grow older, they develop new interests.

ADV. extremely, terribly, very | fairly, quite She was quite old when she got married.

3 not new


ADV. extremely, really, terribly, very It's a very old tradition. | fairly, quite

PHRASES oldest known These are some of the oldest known fossil remains. | oldest remaining It's one of the oldest remaining parts of the church. | oldest surviving It's the world's oldest surviving ship.

4 shows affection/lack of respect

PHRASES boring/silly old boring old history books She's a silly old cow! | dear/good old Good old Dad! | funny old It's a funny old world. | poor old You poor old thing! | same old always the same old faces