oil noun

1 used as fuel/to make machines work smoothly

ADJ. heavy | light | crude | refined | offshore | engine, fuel, heating, lubricating, motor | linseed, paraffin Use a rag soaked in linseed oil.

QUANT. barrel | film a rod coated with a film of oil | drop

VERB + OIL extract, obtain, produce | drill for The company is drilling for oil in the North Sea. | discover, find, hit, strike | pump | export, import | burn, use | change (in a car, etc.) | soak sth in | smell of The place smelled of paint and oil.

OIL + NOUN company, producer | industry, production | drilling, exploration | field, rig, well | drum | tanker | refinery | prices, revenue | slick, spill, spillage a seven-mile-long oil slick off the Scottish coast

2 used in cooking

ADJ. cooking | polyunsaturated | rancid | coconut, cod liver, fish, groundnut, olive, sesame, sunflower, vegetable a bottle of extra virgin olive oil | salad

VERB + OIL heat | boil sb/sth in, cook sth in, fry sth in | drizzle, pour Toast the bread, rub with garlic and drizzle over a little olive oil.

PREP. in ~ Fry the potato in a little sunflower oil. > Special page at FOOD

3 used as a cosmetic/medicine

ADJ. aromatic, fragrant, scented | essential extracting essential oils from flowers | body, hair | baby, bath | aromatherapy, massage | castor, evening primrose, lavender, etc.

VERB + OIL massage/rub into, massage/rub sth with She rubbed a scented oil into her hair. | anoint sb/sth with The sick were anointed with oil. | extract

PREP. ~ of oil of rosemary