officer noun

1 in the army, navy, etc.

ADJ. air force, army, military, naval | commanding, high-ranking, ranking, senior, superior The decision rests with the ranking officer (= the most senior officer present). | junior, petty | commissioned, non-commissioned | recruiting | duty He telephoned the duty officer at regimental headquarters. | uniformed | retired

VERB + OFFICER salute to salute a superior officer

OFFICER + VERB command sth the officer commanding the infantry

OFFICER + NOUN cadet, corps > Note at RANK

2 in the government or other organization

ADJ. chief, principal, senior | full-time, part-time | presiding, responsible, supervising Report the incident to the responsible officer. the officer responsible for implementing the scheme | regional | administrative, customs, environmental health, financial, liaison, medical, press, trading standards, training, welfare

VERB + OFFICER be, work as | be appointed (as), become | have The charity has a full-time press officer working with the national newspapers.

3 policeman/policewoman

ADJ. police | chief, senior, superior | junior | investigating | duty We spoke to the duty officer at the police station. | uniformed | plain-clothes | undercover

OFFICER + VERB investigate sth officers investigating the murder | patrol sth | raid sth, swoop on sth (informal) Officers raided an address in south London, seizing bomb-making equipment. | seize sth | arrest sb > See POLICEMAN