office noun

1 room/building where written work is done

ADJ. big, huge, large, spacious | cramped, small, tiny | plush | high-rise | five-storey, ten-storey, etc. | glass-fronted, glass-walled | busy, noisy | open-plan | air-conditioned | electronic, paperless | permanent, temporary The company set up its first permanent offices in the city centre. | private The prime minister arranged a meeting in his private office. | central, head, main | area, branch, district, local, overseas, regional, subsidiary | administrative, editorial, press, sales, etc. | council, government, newspaper, etc.

VERB + OFFICE manage, run, supervise | come/go into, come/go to I sometimes go into the office on Saturdays when we're busy. | arrive at, get to | leave What time do you usually leave the office?

OFFICE + NOUN job, work | hours Call this number outside normal office hours. | colleague, staff, worker | life | gossip, politics | party We have an office party every Christmas. | administrator, assistant, cleaner, clerk, manager | boy, girl, junior (all old-fashioned) | desk, door, equipment, furniture, safe, shredder, software, stationery | system, technology | environment Working in a busy office environment can be stressful. | accommodation, block, building, complex, development, premises, space, suite The old warehouses have been redeveloped for office accommodation. | facilities, services The conference centre provides office facilities such as computers and faxes. | expenses, overheads | administration, management | skills | procedures, routine

PREP. at the ~ I sometimes have to stay late at the office. | in the ~ I'm sorry, Mr Anders is not in the office today.

2 official position

ADJ. exalted, great, high, important | minor | lucrative, prestigious | hereditary | national, public | ecclesiastical, judicial, ministerial, political

VERB + OFFICE run for, stand for He ran for office in the last presidential election. | hold, remain in, retain, stay in The president holds office for a period of four years. | be appointed to, be elected to | be re-elected to, be returned to The government was returned to office by a large majority. | assume, be sworn into, come into, come to, enter, take, take up Martin was sworn into office as prime minister in March. The Labour Party took office in 1997. | give up, leave, lose, relinquish, resign from, retire from, vacate | be driven from, be forced from, be removed from, be suspended from, be turned out of

OFFICE + NOUN holder

PREP. in ~ The government seemed likely to remain in office for the next five years. | out of ~ breaking promises made when out of office

PHRASES a candidate for office, duties of the office, a term of office to be re-elected for a second term of office