offence noun

1 illegal act

ADJ. grave, heinous, major, serious | lesser, minor, petty, trivial | alleged | statutory | arrestable, bookable, imprisonable, indictable, punishable, sackable The offence is punishable by up to three months' imprisonment. | criminal, disciplinary | driving, political, sexual, terrorist Motorists may be fined on the spot for driving offences such as speeding. | violent | drug-related

PREP. ~ against offences against public decency > Note at CRIME(for verbs)

2 hurt feelings

VERB + OFFENCE cause, give | take

PREP. ~ at He takes offence at the slightest joke against him. | ~ to I didn't mean to give offence to anyone.

PHRASES no offence (intended/meant) No offence intended, but are you sure your calculations are right?