odds noun

ADJ. considerable, great, high, impossible, insuperable, overwhelming, terrible She struggled against terrible odds to overcome her illness. | long, short Sometimes an outsider will win at long odds, but not often. The bookmakers are offering only short odds on the favourite.

VERB + ODDS offer, quote | lay I'll lay odds we never see him again. | reduce, shorten | beat, defy, overcome She defied the odds to beat the clear favourite.

ODDS + VERB shorten | lengthen

PREP. against the ~ The film is a heart-warming tale of triumph against the odds. | ~ against The odds against their survival have lengthened. | ~ of They were offering odds of ten to one. | ~ on The odds on the outsider were 100?1.

PHRASES against all (the) odds Against all the odds, we managed to get through to the final.