occasion noun

1 time when sth happens

ADJ. many, numerous It was the first of many such occasions. | rare | previous | separate

VERB + OCCASION recall, remember

PREP. on an/the ~ The police were called out on 24 separate occasions. | on ~(s) He has even been known to go shopping himself on occasion.

PHRASES a number of occasions I have stayed there on a number of occasions. | on one occasion On one occasion he even rang me in the middle of the night. | on that/this ~ On this occasion, as it happens, the engine started immediately.

2 suitable time

ADJ. right, suitable

OCCASION + VERB arise I'll speak to him if the occasion arises.

PREP. ~ for It should have been an occasion for rejoicing.

PHRASES have occasion to do sth Last year we had occasion to visit relatives in Cornwall.

3 special event

ADJ. auspicious, big, great, important, memorable, momentous, special | festive, happy, joyous | formal, sad, solemn | social | ceremonial, state The Queen's coach is only used for state occasions.

VERB + OCCASION celebrate, mark a party to mark the occasion of their daughter's graduation | rise to The choir rose to the occasion and sang beautifully.

PHRASES for all occasions, for every occasion We sell cards and notepaper for all occasions. | a sense of occasion On the day of the wedding there was a real sense of occasion.