obvious adj.

VERBS appear, be, look, seem, sound | become It soon became obvious that the machine did not work. | make sth His manner made it obvious he didn't like her.

ADV. blatantly, blindingly, extremely, glaringly, patently, transparently, very | completely, perfectly, quite The answer is perfectly obvious! | increasingly | by no means, far from, less than, not at all, not entirely It was far from obvious how they were going to get off the island. | a bit, fairly, pretty, rather I'm not going to tell Jim about this, for fairly obvious reasons. | apparently, seemingly | immediately It was immediately obvious that the bag was too heavy. | intuitively Avoid making intuitively obvious but unfounded assertions. | depressingly, distressingly, painfully It was becoming painfully obvious that the two of them had nothing in common.

PREP. to It is obvious to me that you're unhappy in your job.