nightmare noun

1 bad dream

ADJ. awful, horrible, terrible, terrifying | continuing, recurring

VERB + NIGHTMARE have, suffer | wake (up) from | give sb The film gave me nightmares.

PREP. ~ about I have nightmares about drowning.

2 bad/feared experience

ADJ. absolute, awful, horrible, real, terrible, terrifying | worst Losing a child is my worst nightmare. | personal | living The refugees had survived a living nightmare. | administrative, bureaucratic, financial, etc.

VERB + NIGHTMARE endure, face, suffer, survive | become, prove, turn into Their dream of living in the country turned into a nightmare when they both fell seriously ill. | create | escape (from)

NIGHTMARE + VERB be over | come true

NIGHTMARE + NOUN scenario, vision the nightmare scenario of mass unemployment The writer evokes a nightmare vision of a future on a polluted planet. | world | journey