news noun

1 new information

ADJ. encouraging, excellent, good, great, marvellous, terrific, tremendous, welcome, wonderful The good news is that we've all been given an extra day's leave. Great news! We've bought the house. | bad, gloomy, grim, sad, terrible, tragic, unwelcome | dramatic, important, momentous | hot, late, latest, recent Some late news has just come in. | old, stale | exciting, interesting | front-page It was front-page news at the time. | domestic, home, local, national, regional | foreign, international | business, City, financial | sports, tennis, etc.

QUANT. bit, item, piece We've had a bit of good news.

VERB + NEWS get, have, hear, learn, receive Have you heard the latest news? | catch up on I want to catch up on all your news. | announce, break, bring (sb), give sb, tell sb The police had to break the news to the boy's parents. | spread She ran from office to office, spreading the news. | leak News of their engagement was leaked to the press. | report I haven't really got any news to report. | carry ‘The Daily Nation’ carried news of the event. | gather, get It's the reporter's job to go out and gather news. | await, expect, wait for They are waiting for news of their relatives. | greet, react to, welcome The news was greeted with astonishment. | make It was a very minor incident and barely made the news.

NEWS + VERB come, come in, come through News is coming in of a large fire in central London. | break, leak out The news broke while we were on holiday. | spread, travel The news spread like wildfire.

NEWS + NOUN bulletin, flash, item, release, report, story Programmes were interrupted for a news flash. | coverage News coverage of the fighting was extremely biased. | conference The former manager gave his first news conference since being sacked. | agency, service | programme | editor | source | media

PREP. at the ~ She went completely to pieces at the news of his death. | in the ~ She's been in the news a lot lately. | with the ~ Joan came in with the news that a pay rise had been agreed. | ~ about I'm not interested in news about celebrities. | ~ from And now with news from the Games, over to our Olympic correspondent. | ~ of news of fresh killings | ~ on Is there any news on the car bomb attack? | ~ to It was news to me that they'd got married.

2 the news: on TV or radio

ADJ. radio, television, TV | evening, lunchtime, nine o'clock, etc.

VERB + NEWS hear, listen to, see, watch | turn on | broadcast | read The news is read by Harriet Daly.

PREP. in the ~ Our school was mentioned in the news. | on the ~ I heard it on t