negotiate verb

1 try to reach an agreement

ADV. carefully a carefully negotiated series of concessions | successfully | freely | individually, separately Rents are individually negotiated between landlord and tenant. | jointly | directly negotiating directly with the rebels | secretly | constantly, continually The parameters of the job are being continually negotiated.

VERB + NEGOTIATE be able to | be prepared to, be willing to Are the employers really willing to negotiate? | attempt to, seek to, try to | manage to | help (to)

PREP. between to negotiate between the two sides | for We are negotiating for the release of the prisoners. | on They have refused to negotiate on this issue. | on behalf of negotiating on behalf of Britain | with I managed to negotiate successfully with the authorities.

2 successfully get over/past sth

ADV. easily, safely He safely negotiated the slippery stepping stones.

VERB + NEGOTIATE be difficult to The flight of steps was quite difficult to negotiate with a heavy suitcase.