needle noun

1 for sewing

ADJ. long | blunt | sharp | fine | darning, embroidery, sewing, tapestry

VERB + NEEDLE use | thread

PHRASES the eye of a needle, needle and thread She sewed it on with needle and thread.

2 for knitting

ADJ. empty | knitting

NEEDLE + VERB hold sth a needle holding two stitches

3 for drugs

ADJ. hypodermic, syringe | long | sharp | fine | clean, sterile | contaminated, infected | used

VERB + NEEDLE insert, jab (sb with), plunge, put, stick He saw her stick a needle into her arm. | use | share the dangers of sharing needles

NEEDLE + VERB go in The needle went in easily.

NEEDLE + NOUN tip | exchange He believes that needle exchange schemes (= where drug users can change used needles for clean ones) encourage drug addiction.

PHRASES the prick of a needle

4 on a compass/instrument

ADJ. magnetized | compass

NEEDLE + VERB move The needle moved away from the wind. | point | settle Wait until the needle settles and is pointing in one direction.

PHRASES the needle of a compass

5 on a pine tree

ADJ. conifer, pine

VERB + NEEDLE drop, lose