need noun

1 situation where sth is needed/necessary

ADJ. considerable, great, strong | special There is a special need for well-trained teachers. | overriding, overwhelming, paramount | burning, compelling, critical, crying, desperate, dire, driving, immediate, pressing, urgent a crying need for skilled workers These children are in dire need. | real | clear | basic, essential, fundamental | sudden | constant, continuing He's in constant need of treatment. | growing, increased/increasing | reduced | possible | perceived | common our common need for self-preservation | individual | human the human need to order existence | political, social

VERB + NEED feel, have I felt the need to do something. | express Several governments have expressed the need for a cautious approach to the conflict. | demonstrate, prove, show, suggest The incident proved the need for a continuing military presence in the area. | reflect a law reflecting a need for better social conditions | create The war created a need for national unity. | address, fulfil, meet, satisfy | avoid, eliminate, obviate, remove I avoid the need to travel by plane. | reduce | be aware of, be sensitive to | accept, acknowledge, perceive, recognize, see I see no need to do anything hasty. | emphasize, heighten, highlight, reaffirm, stress, underline She stressed the need for cooperation with the authorities. | ignore, overlook | deny The government has denied the need for economic reform. | understand | consider

NEED + VERB exist A need exists to bridge the gap between theory and practice in nursing. | arise The system can be switched to emergency power should the need arise.

PREP. in ~ (of) a campaign to help children in need The room was sorely in need of a fresh coat of paint. | ~ for the need for change

PHRASES any/little/no need There's no need to worry.

2 sth that sb requires

ADJ. basic, essential, fundamental | particular, special, specific a school for children with special educational needs | immediate, pressing | long-term | changing | conflicting | unmet | local | individual | community | customer/customer's, patient/patient's | human Energy for cooking is a basic human need. | humanitarian | material, physical material needs of food and drink | dietary | health care, medical | biological, bodily, emotional, physical, psychological, sexual, spiritual | educational | political, social | business | operational | energy | information

VERB + NEED be responsive to, be sensitive to | address, cater for/to, cover, fulfil, meet, provide (for), respond to, satisfy, serve, supply a new union set up to address the needs of seasonal labourers

£10 a day was enough to cover all his needs. We have now met most of the humanitarian needs of the refugees. | suit, tailor sth to The coaching is informal and tailored to individual needs. | identify | assess, consider

PHRASES needs and desires, sb's every need Our staff will cater to your every need.