necessity noun

1 fact that sth must happen; sth that cannot be avoided

ADJ. overwhelming, sheer | absolute | fundamental, vital | real | dire, pressing, urgent | immediate | strategic | logical, physical, practical The people in the rural areas use mud bricks only as an immediate, practical necessity. | commercial, economic, financial, historical, military, political, social He argued that nuclear weapons were a political necessity.

VERB + NECESSITY recognize, see She saw the necessity to make an immediate impression on him. | accept (sth as), be convinced of They have accepted the necessity of greater state intervention. | avoid, obviate, remove, spare | emphasize, highlight, stress Observers stressed the necessity for the ceasefire to be observed. | be born (out) of Culling of the animals was born out of the necessity for successful conservation.

NECESSITY + VERB arise These animals don't like water but will swim if the necessity arises. | demand (sth) Where necessity demands, we can seat more guests in the gallery. | force sth Necessity forced an urgent solution.

PREP. of ~ The visit will, of necessity, be brief. | out of ~ He is changing job out of necessity, not because he particularly wants to. | through ~ Most of the women are forced, through economic necessity, to work in part-time low-paid jobs. | without the ~ of You can dial direct without the necessity of going through the operator. | ~ for There's no necessity for you to come. | ~ to the necessity to earn a living

PHRASES any/no necessity The company sees no necessity for a more cautious approach to investment.

2 sth you must have

ADJ. absolute | vital | real | urgent Policies which address these issues are an urgent necessity. | bare, basic They have nothing but the barest necessities. | daily

VERB + NECESSITY have | lack

PHRASES a necessity of life Food is a necessity of life.