move noun

1 action to achieve sth; change in ideas/behaviour

ADJ. big, important, major, radical, significant, substantial | decisive | astute, brilliant, clever, good, inspired, sensible, shrewd, smart, wise | bad | right She wondered whether she had made the right move in telling the truth. | false, wrong One false move could lead to war. | positive | bold, brave, strong | defensive | serious | dramatic, shock (used in journalism), surprise, unexpected The company was put up for sale yesterday in a shock move by management. | obvious | interesting | unusual | controversial | conciliatory | popular | gradual | rapid | new | current, present the current move towards networked organizations | latest, recent | first, initial If he wants to see me, he should make the first move. | far-sighted | strategic, tactical | precautionary | logical | diplomatic, legal, military, political | career Getting a job in advertising was a good career move.

VERB + MOVE be, represent The talks represented the first significant move towards peace. | make The management has made no move to settle the strike. | prompt | initiate | signal The new legislation signalled a move away from state involvement in telecommunications. | spearhead The move is spearheaded by a former MP. | back, encourage, support | welcome | condemn | oppose, reject, resist | consider, contemplate | decide (on) They are waiting for the results of the opinion polls before deciding their next move. | announce The government announced its move to ban smoking in public spaces.

MOVE + VERB take place | be afoot, be underway Moves are afoot to increase car insurance premiums. | fail | be aimed at sth, be designed to do sth a move designed to control inflation | reflect sth The move reflects a change in approach to research.

PREP. in a/the ~ In a move which surprised commentators, the president sacked several cabinet ministers. | ~ against a move against drug dealers | ~ away from a move away from traditional Labour policies | ~ back to a move back to old teaching styles | ~ to/towards a move towards greater trade liberalization

PHRASES a move in the right direction Although the new environmental regulations are flawed, they represent a move in the right direction (= they do improve the current situation).

2 change of place

ADJ. false One false move and I'll shoot! | sudden

VERB + MOVE make We should make a move (= leave) ? it's really late.

PREP. ~ to/towards She made a move towards the door.

PHRASES be/keep (sb/sth) on the move His career as a petroleum engineer has kept him on the move (= kept him moving about from place to place). | every/no/one move She made no move as the lion sniffed at the tent. | follow/watch sb/sth's every move The cubs followed their mother on the hunt, watching her every move. | get a move on We're leaving in five minutes so you'd better get a move on (= hurry)! | make a move for sth (informal) He made a move for (= towards) the door.

3 change of house/job

ADJ. permanent | sideways His new job was a sideways move rather than a promotion. | house

MOVE + VERB take place

PREP. ~ from, ~ to a move from London to Leeds

4 in a board game

ADJ. brilliant, good | bad | opening | chess

VERB + MOVE learn She learned all the chess moves when she was four. | play

PREP. on a/the ~ She captured the rook with her bishop on the 32nd move.