mould noun

1 hollow container

VERB + MOULD cast sth in, make sth in The statues were cast in clay moulds. | fill, pour sth into

PREP. in a/the ~ Leave the clay in the mould overnight. | ~ for a mould for a bronze statue

2 type of sth

ADJ. old, traditional

VERB + MOULD be/come from, be cast in, fit (into) She is clearly from a different mould from her team mate. He doesn't fit into the usual mould of head teachers. | break, break free of Breaking the traditional mould of local politics is not going to be easy. trying to break free of the old mould

PREP. in a/the ~ a young politician in the mould of the great statesmen of the past

PHRASES from/in a different/the same mould His brother came from a different mould, being a successful lawyer.

3 organic growth

VERB + MOULD be covered in/with The biscuits were covered in green mould.

MOULD + VERB form, grow