motion noun

1 movement

ADJ. steady | circular, rolling, swaying | perpetual the search for the secret of perpetual motion

VERB + MOTION feel She could feel the rolling motion of the ship under her feet. | make He made little flapping motions with his arms.

PREP. into ~ The insects are stirred into motion by the heat of the sun. | in ~ Do not open the door when the train is in motion.

2 suggestion

VERB + MOTION propose, put, put forward, table The motion was put to the conference and fully debated. The Opposition tabled a motion calling for the prime minister's resignation. | debate, discuss The motion will be debated later today. | vote on | be in favour of, speak in favour of, support, vote for | accept, adopt, approve, carry, pass The motion was passed by 165 votes to 78. | be against, speak against, oppose, vote against | defeat, reject The motion was defeated by 51 votes to 43.

PHRASES a motion of no confidence He proposed a motion of no confidence in the government.