mother noun

ADJ. lone, single, unmarried She felt proud that she had raised four children as a lone mother. | widowed | biological, natural, real | surrogate (= bearing a child for sb else) | adoptive, foster, step-(also stepmother) | teenage, young | elderly, old | dead, deceased, late | good, excellent, loving, wonderful | proud the proud mother of the bride | doting, over-protective, possessive | stern, strict | dominant, domineering | bad, unfit The court decided she was an unfit mother. | anxious, distraught, frantic Her distraught mother had spent all night waiting by the phone. | expectant, pregnant (also mother-to-be (informal) | first-time | new | full-time | breast-feeding | sick caring for his sick mother

VERB + MOTHER resemble, take after The two boys were like their father in character, but Louise took after her mother. | inherit sth from She inherited the urge to travel from her mother.