mortgage noun

ADJ. big, huge | small | cheap Banks often offer their employees cheap mortgages. | endowment, fixed-rate, repayment

VERB + MORTGAGE have We've got a big mortgage. | get, raise (formal), take out They were having trouble getting a mortgage. We'll have to take out a second mortgage to pay for this holiday! | pay, pay off, redeem, repay He didn't earn enough to support his family and pay the mortgage. There are penalties if you want to redeem your mortgage early. | be in arrears with, fall behind with, get behind with They were in arrears with their mortgage, so their home was repossessed.

MORTGAGE + NOUN (interest) payment, repayment They were struggling to keep up with their mortgage repayments. | rate a rise in mortgage rates | lender

PREP. ~ of a mortgage of £80,000 | ~ on I couldn't get a mortgage on the property.