monopoly noun

1 control by one company

ADJ. effective, near, virtual | absolute, total | government, state | domestic, local, national

VERB + MONOPOLY enjoy, exercise, have, hold The company has a virtual monopoly in world markets. | create, establish, gain, get, secure, set up | keep, maintain, preserve, retain | lose | give sb, grant sb, guarantee sb This Act of Parliament guaranteed solicitors a monopoly on particular legal services. | challenge companies who are challenging the state monopolies | break (up), end attempts to break the company's monopoly of the sugar industry

MONOPOLY + NOUN position The company was able to exploit its monopoly position.

PREP. ~ in creating a monopoly in the export of wool | ~ of One company holds a monopoly of the raw materials. | ~ on The company lost its monopoly on exporting beer to India. | ~ over maintaining their monopoly over local bus services

2 organization

ADJ. giant, huge, powerful | public, state, state-controlled, state-owned the privatization of state-owned monopolies such as the gas and electricity industries | private | statutory