misery noun

ADJ. abject, deep, extreme, great, real, sheer, untold This phobia can cause untold misery for the sufferer. | complete Her misery was made complete when she was separated from her children. | personal | human | economic the country's economic misery

VERB + MISERY be full of, be wrapped (up) in, endure, feel, live in, sink into, suffer He was too wrapped in misery to reply. I sank deeper into my misery. men who suffer the misery of unemployment | bring (sb), cause (sb), create The money brought him nothing but misery. | add to, heap, prolong War has now added to the misery of these starving people. The giant-killers heaped more misery on the home team. | alleviate, ease, relieve ways to alleviate human misery | put sb/sth out of In the end we asked the vet to put the poor creature out of its misery (= kill it humanely). (humorous) Oh, put her out of her misery?tell her who won. | spare sb At least we were spared the misery of having to do it all again. | forget

PREP. ~ of the sheer misery of homelessness

PHRASES a feeling of misery, make sb's life a misery His constant criticism made her life a misery.