minute noun

1 one sixtieth of an hour

VERB + MINUTE last, take

MINUTE + VERB pass, tick by The minutes ticked by and still nothing happened.

MINUTE + NOUN hand the minute hand on the clock

PREP. after … ~s After twenty minutes I started to get worried. | for … ~s We waited for ten minutes and then left. | in … ~s The film starts in ten minutes. | ~s past four minutes past two | ~s to ten minutes to three > Note at MEASURE

2 moment

ADJ. last Don't leave everything till the last minute.

VERB + MINUTE hang on, hold on, wait Could you wait a minute, please? | have, spare Do you have a minute, Miss Brown? Can you spare a minute? | take This will only take a minute.

PREP. in a ~ I'll be with you in a minute. | within ~s The ship sank within minutes.

PHRASES just a minute, the minute sth happens Tell him I want to see him the minute he arrives. | not for a minute I never thought for a minute he'd refuse. | this minute Come here this minute!

3 minutes: written record of what is said at a meeting

VERB + MINUTE keep, take Who's going to take the minutes? | circulate | read | agree, approve, sign | write up I wrote up the minutes of the meeting and circulated them by email.

PHRASES the minutes of a meeting > Special page at MEETING