minimum noun

ADJ. absolute, bare, very | agreed, guaranteed | recommended | legal, mandatory, required, statutory

VERB + MINIMUM keep sth to, reduce sth to Two fire crews managed to keep damage to a minimum. | reach The sun's temperature reached a minimum in the summer of 1981. | exceed | regard sth as A temperature of 121°C is regarded as the minimum necessary to achieve sterility.

PREP. above (the) ~, at (a/the) ~ Candidates must have a first degree at a minimum. | below (the) ~, down to a ~ We tried to keep costs down to a minimum. | ~ of a minimum of £20 a minimum of fuss

PHRASES the minimum acceptable/necessary/needed/required, the minimum possible He's always done the minimum possible to pass his exams. | with the minimum of delay/discomfort/disruption/effort/fuss/risk