menu noun

1 list of dishes

ADJ. extensive | varied | daily | fixed price, set, table d'hote | a la carte | three-course, etc. | traditional | breakfast, dinner, lunch | bar, pub, restaurant | dinner-party | fish, vegetarian

VERB + MENU consult, have, look at, read, see, study May we have the menu? | do, have, offer Many restaurants do a very reasonable set menu at lunchtime. | choose (sth) from, order (sth) from | plan

MENU + VERB offer sth a menu offering many vegetarian dishes

MENU + NOUN board The chef was chalking the daily specials on the menu board.

PREP. on the ~ What's on the menu this evening?

PHRASES a choice of menu Passengers are offered a daily choice of menu.

2 on a computer

ADJ. pop-up, pull-down | main | sub | edit, file, options, etc.

VERB + MENU select sth from

MENU + NOUN bar | item, option > Special page at COMPUTER