mention verb

ADV. already, earlier, just, previously, so far As already mentioned, the legislation does not consider low pay as an acceptable reason for turning down a job. This aspect is discussed further by Crane, whom I mentioned earlier. All the approaches mentioned so far are fairly conventional. | commonly, frequently | rarely, seldom | briefly, in passing He only mentioned his work in passing. | casually I casually mentioned that I might be interested in working abroad. | directly, explicitly, expressly, specifically She did not specifically mention your name. | inadvertently | barely, hardly, scarcely | not actually, not at all Although she didn't actually mention the move, I am sure that was in her mind. My name wasn't mentioned at all.

VERB + MENTION fail to, forget to, omit to

PREP. as Next spring has been mentioned as a possible time for the event. | in She didn't mention the economy in her speech. | in connection with sth I was very angry when I saw my name mentioned in connection with an incident that had absolutely nothing to do with me. | to Please don't mention this to Sally.

PHRASES avoid mentioning sb/sth He avoided mentioning his family. | be worth mentioning sth At this point, it is worth mentioning that many people who were adopted as babies have no desire to meet their biological parents. | mentioned above/below In the example mentioned above, either method of construction could have been used. | mentioned in dispatches Wounded in action, he was twice mentioned in dispatches. | mention the fact that … , not to mention (= used to add extra information) He has two big houses in this country, not to mention his villa in France. | now you come to mention it Now that you come to mention it, he did say something about a ghost. | to mention but a few plumbers, printers, dyers, glaziers and potters, to mention but a few