meeting noun

1 when people come together to discuss/decide sth

ADJ. frequent, regular | annual, biennial, half-yearly, monthly, quarterly, weekly, etc. | all-day, hour-long, two-hour, etc. | afternoon, breakfast, lunchtime, weekend, etc. | full, plenary | formal, informal | inaugural | mass | open-air | open, public | closed, private | secret | joint Management have called a joint meeting with staff and unions. | general The society is holding its Annual General Meeting in the conference room next Monday. | face-to-face, personal | bilateral, trilateral, tripartite | high-level, summit, top-level | exploratory, initial, introductory, preliminary, preparatory | follow-up | extraordinary, special | crisis, emergency, urgent | crucial, decisive, key, vital | impromptu | pre-inquiry, pre-session, pre-summit, etc. | post-election, post-results, etc. | board, cabinet, committee, council, departmental, family, ministerial, shareholders', staff, team, union | inter-governmental, inter-ministerial, inter-party, inter-tribal, etc. | business | political | discussion | protest | prayer | brief | endless, interminable, long We had endless meetings about the problem. The meeting seemed interminable. | angry, difficult, stormy | fruitless, inconclusive | successful, valuable

QUANT. series

VERB + MEETING have, hold | arrange, call, convene, organize, schedule, summon The committee has called a meeting to discuss the president's death. | attend | declare open, open The chairman declared the meeting open. | close, declare closed | adjourn, break up | call off, cancel | postpone | host | chair, conduct, preside over I've got to chair a meeting tomorrow. | call to order The chairman called the meeting to order. | participate in | address He always spoke as if he were addressing a public meeting. | ban | boycott | disrupt

MEETING + VERB go ahead, take place It is unclear whether the meeting will go ahead as planned. | be aimed at sth a meeting aimed at restoring peace in the region | begin, open, proceed, start | adjourn The meeting adjourned for coffee at eleven. | break up The meeting broke up after a row over whether to allow cameras in. | close, end The meeting closed on a sour note. | vote The meeting voted 423?133 in favour of a strike. | discuss sth | agree to sth, approve sth | condemn sth | urge sth This meeting urges the company to reconsider its decision to close the factory. | express sth The meeting expressed concern that the problem had still not been addressed. | hear sth The meeting heard that two workers had been sacked on the spot with no official reason given. | conclude sth, decide sth, resolve sth | drag (on) The meeting dragged into the early hours of the next day.

MEETING + NOUN house, place

PREP. in a/the ~ I'm afraid Mrs Haley is in a meeting at the moment. | ~ about a meeting about the plans for a new road | ~ between a meeting between tutors and students | ~ for a meeting for parents | ~ over Directors called a crisis meeting over the future of the company. | ~ with a meeting with French officials

PHRASES the purpose of a meeting, the minutes of a meeting The secretary circulated the minutes of the previous week's meeting to all committee members. | the outcome/result of a meeting

2 coming together of two or more people

ADJ. accidental, chance, unexpected | fateful | clandestine, secret | historic, unprecedented | emotional | romantic


PREP. ~ with I had a chance meeting with an old schoolfriend last week.