meet verb

1 come together

ADV. first the place where they had first met | regularly | never | up We met up after school.

VERB + MEET arrange to | chance to, happen to A year or so later I happened to meet him again.

PREP. for I arranged to meet her for lunch. | with Management will meet with union representatives next week. I met up with my friends in town.

PHRASES look forward to meeting sb I look forward to meeting you next week. | nice/pleased to meet you (= a greeting used when you meet sb for the first time)

2 satisfy sth

ADV. head-on Thet were determined to meet the challenge head-on.

VERB + MEET be able to, can | be unable to, fail to He had failed to meet his performance targets. | be designed to, be tailored to The course is designed to meet the needs of young learners.

3 sb's eyes/gaze/look

ADV. levelly, squarely, unflinchingly, without flinching Leonora met his gaze without flinching. | fleetingly | challengingly, determinedly

PREP. ~ across Their eyes met across the crowded room.