means noun

1 method of doing sth

ADJ. appropriate, best, effective, efficient, reliable, useful an effective means of mass communication | necessary, possible, practicable We will use every possible means to achieve our objective. | alternative, other War is famously ‘the continuation of policy by other means’. | conventional, traditional | legal, legitimate

VERB + MEANS have We have no means of knowing how they will react. | use | offer (sb), provide (sb with) My English teacher provided me with the means to enjoy reading poetry. | devise Can you devise a means of overcoming the problem?

PREP. by ~ (of) The stone was lifted by means of a rope and pulley. | through ~ They cannot achieve their goal through legal means. | ~ for the means for achieving happiness | ~ of a means of access/communication/transport a means of getting what you want

PHRASES a means to an end He saw his education merely as a means to an end. | by fair means or foul, by no means/not by any means (= not at all), ways and means There are ways and means of raising money.

2 money/wealth

ADJ. independent, private She must have independent means to live in such style. | limited, moderate, modest, slender | visible people who lack visible means of support

VERB + MEANS have | lack

MEANS + NOUN test Eligibility for the benefit was determined by a means test.

PREP. according to your ~ (= according to what you can afford), beyond your ~ Private school fees are beyond the means of most people (= more than they can afford). | within your ~ (= according to what you can afford) She finds it difficult to live within her means.

PHRASES a man/woman of means (= a rich man/woman)