match verb

1 combine well

ADV. well As a couple they are not very well matched (= they are not very suitable for each other). | not quite The room was full of old furniture that didn't quite match.

PHRASES to match I bought a duvet cover and some curtains to match.

2 find sth similar/connected

ADV. correctly | carefully

PREP. for The control group in the experiment was matched for age and sex. | to The aim of the competition is to match the quote to the person who said it.

3 be/make sth equal/better

ADV. almost She found that his determination almost matched her own. | not quite Nothing quite matches the fine, subtle flavour of this cheese.

VERB + MATCH come close to | be able/unable to The company was unable to match his current salary. | try to | fail to Children can be made to suffer when they fail to match their parents' expectations.

PREP. for No other rock band comes even close to matching them for dynamism or style.

PHRASES be equally/evenly/well matched The teams were very evenly matched. | be unevenly matched

5 provide sth suitable

ADV. carefully | up We have to match up the right pet with the right owner.

VERB + MATCH seek to, try to

PREP. to The available organs are carefully matched to people in need of transplants. | with The agency tries to match single people with suitable partners.