match noun

1 in sports

ADJ. big, crucial, important | exciting, thrilling | championship, competitive, cup, league | friendly | away, home He's such a keen fan, he even goes to all the away matches. | cricket, football, rugby, wrestling, etc.

VERB + MATCH play The match will be played in the new stadium. | have Figo had an outstanding match. | go to, see, watch | be defeated in, lose | clinch, win A late goal clinched the match for Porto. | draw We drew our first game of the season 1?1.

MATCH + VERB take place

PREP. during a/the ~ an incident which took place during Saturday's match | in a/the ~ She was injured in last week's match. | ~ against the match against Wales | ~ between the match between Japan and Brazil | ~ with They lost their match with Estonia.

2 for lighting a fire

ADJ. lighted

QUANT. box

VERB + MATCH light, strike He lit a match so they could see in the cave. | blow out

PHRASES put a match to sth Someone had put a match to the pile of papers.

3 good combination

ADJ. excellent, good, perfect The blouse and skirt are a perfect match.

PREP. ~ between an excellent match between our goals and what your company offers | ~ for That jumper should be a good match for your trousers.

4 sth the same

ADJ. exact

PREP. ~ for To forge the certificate, she needed an exact match for the paper and the fonts.