mask noun

1 cover for sb's face

ADJ. face | gas | oxygen | surgical | Hallowe'en

VERB + MASK have on, wear | put on | pull off, remove, strip off, take off, tear off In the second part of the play, the actors take off their masks.

MASK + VERB cover sth

PREP. behind/beneath a/the ~ Two eyes glared at him from beneath the mask. | in a/the ~ two men in black masks | ~ over She wore a mask over her face.

2 sth that hides sb's real feelings

ADJ. blank, cold, expressionless, grim, rigid Her face was a blank mask as she answered my question.

MASK + VERB slip For a moment her mask slipped, and I saw how scared she really was.

PREP. behind a/the ~ Behind the mask of friendliness, I know he really dislikes me. | ~ for His fooling around is a mask for his lack of confidence.