marriage noun

1 state of being husband and wife

ADJ. good, happy, successful | broken, disastrous, failed, unhappy She was the child of a broken marriage. | first, second, etc. | previous | early | late | conventional | modern | open | morganatic | loveless | childless | mixed | arranged

VERB + MARRIAGE have He had an unhappy marriage with an older woman. | propose | enter into | consummate | annul, dissolve | save They are struggling to save their marriage for the children's sake.

MARRIAGE + VERB last | be over, break down/up, end, fall apart, fail Their marriage ended in divorce.

MARRIAGE + NOUN vows | plans, proposal | partner | relationship | break-up, breakdown, problems | counselling, guidance | counsellor | certificate, contract | market Daughters were expected to join their well-bred friends on the marriage market. | bed

PREP. by/from a ~ She's his daughter by a previous marriage. | by ~ They are related by marriage. | in a/the ~ She was the dominant partner in the marriage. | outside ~ sex outside marriage | within ~ | ~ between the marriage between John and Elizabeth | ~ into his marriage into a wealthy family | ~ to/with her marriage to Jim

PHRASES ask for/win sb's hand in marriage (old-fashioned), the break-up/breakdown of a marriage, give sb in marriage (old-fashioned), the institution of marriage, a marriage of convenience, a proposal of marriage

2 wedding ceremony

ADJ. Christian, Jewish, etc. | civil | shotgun (= arranged quickly because the bride is pregnant)

VERB + MARRIAGE celebrate The marriage was celebrated in the cathedral.

MARRIAGE + VERB be held, take place

MARRIAGE + NOUN ceremony | licence

PREP. at a/the ~ She wanted to be present at the marriage of her grandson. | ~ to Mr and Mrs Wall invite you to the marriage of their daughter Ann to Mr Thomas Lea.