mark verb

1 write/draw sth

ADV. clearly My room was clearly marked on the plan. | carefully She carefully marked where the screws were to go. | indelibly One way of protecting your valuables is to mark them indelibly with an identifying code.

PREP. as Certain words were marked as important. | for Some of the crates were marked for export. | in Mark the position of all the building sites in black. | on All buildings are marked on the map. | with The boundary was marked with a dotted line.

2 spoil/damage sth

ADV. badly, deeply The paperweight had fallen onto the desk, badly marking the surface. (figurative) The town is still deeply marked by the folk memory of the Depression.

3 be a sign of sth

ADV. effectively | conveniently ‘Lyrical Ballads’ conveniently marks the beginning of nineteenth-century poetry. | publicly The wedding ceremony publicly marks the beginning of commitment to another through marriage.

VERB + MARK appear to, seem to This speech appears to mark a change in government policy.