mark noun

1 spot/line

ADJ. dirty, grease, greasy, grubby | visible | distinguishing, identifying Does he have any distinguishing marks? | chalk, pencil | bite, burn, claw, finger (also fingermark), scorch, scratch, scuff, skid, stretch, tyre

VERB + MARK get How did you get that mark on your shirt? | leave, make The dirty water left a mark round the side of the bath. | get off/out, remove I can't get the children's dirty fingermarks off the wall.

MARK + VERB come off/out These greasy marks just won't come out.

PREP. ~ on There were grubby marks on the wall.

2 sign of a quality/feeling

ADJ. deep, indelible, permanent The experience left a deep mark on her memory. | real the real mark of a master craftsman

VERB + MARK bear, have | leave

PREP. ~ of Such thoughtful behaviour is the mark of a true gentleman.

PHRASES as a mark of respect

3 used to show the standard of sb's work

ADJ. good, high | bad, low, poor | full I got full marks for my homework. | top | pass What's the pass mark in maths? | total | average

VERB + MARK get | give sb | take off She took off a mark for bad handwriting. | gain | lose

PREP. above … ~s, below … ~s If you get below 40 marks, you're not allowed to go up into the next class. | ~ for You get two marks for each correct answer. a good mark for geography | ~ out of How many marks out of ten would you give it?

4 level of sth

ADJ. halfway We've reached the halfway mark in the show. | high-water, low-water, tide

VERB + MARK set | reach | pass This year's sales figures have already passed the mark set last year. | fall short of

PREP. above the ~, around the ~ around the £500 mark | at a/the ~ The river was at its low-water mark. | below the ~, up to the ~ (= as good as sb/sth should be) Your grammar is not quite up to the mark.

5 target

ADJ. easy

VERB + MARK find, hit The shot found its mark. | miss

PHRASES wide of the mark (figurative) Shock tactics often fall wide of their mark.