march verb

1 walk with regular steps

ADV. briskly, swiftly | boldly | purposefully | inexorably (figurative) Time marches inexorably on and we still have not made a decision. | north, south, etc. | ahead, away, back, forward, off, on, out, over, past, up (and down) Craig marched up to the front door and rang the bell. Soldiers were marching up and down outside the government buildings.

PREP. from, into, on The invading army marched on Rome. | out of So saying, she marched boldly out of the house. | through, to They marched all the way from London to Edinburgh. | towards

PHRASES march in step conscripts learning to march in step (= in time with each other)

2 walk in a large group to protest about sth

ADV. peacefully

PREP. for marching for peace | in support of protesters marching in support of the students' demands | on The demonstrators marched on the Italian embassy. | through marching peacefully through the town centre | to, towards