manoeuvre noun

1 skilful movement

ADJ. complex, complicated | difficult | dangerous | clever, skilful

QUANT. series

VERB + MANOEUVRE carry out, execute, perform The pilot has to carry out a series of complex manoeuvres. | attempt | complete

2 clever plan

ADJ. successful | strategic, tactical Her withdrawal from the contest was a tactical manoeuvre. | diplomatic, political

VERB + MANOEUVRE carry out, execute

MANOEUVRE + VERB fail, succeed

PREP. by a/the ~ By this manoeuvre, he hopes to gain an advantage at a later stage.

PHRASES freedom of manoeuvre The economic conditions are restricting the Chancellor's freedom of manoeuvre. | room for manoeuvre The government has very little room for manoeuvre on this issue.

3 military operation

ADJ. military, strategic, tactical

VERB + MANOEUVRE carry out, conduct, execute, perform

PHRASES be/go on manoeuvres The unit is on manoeuvres in southern Italy.