management noun

1 managing sth

ADJ. careful, competent, effective, efficient, firm, good, sound | bad, inefficient, poor | day-to-day, routine | general, overall | business, corporate | personnel, staff | production | project, task | hospital, hotel, school | database, network, systems | asset, economic, financial, investment, money, resource | information | crisis | household | traffic | waste | forest, land | anger, anxiety, stress He's been sent on an anger management course to help him control his temper. | time

VERB + MANAGEMENT need The project needs stronger management. | be responsible for She is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company.

MANAGEMENT + NOUN company, consultancy, consultant, services | course, studies, training | plan, policy, strategy | expertise, skills | method, philosophy, practice, style, technique

PREP. in ~ She is now celebrating ten years in management. | under sb's ~ The club prospered under Ferguson's management.

PHRASES a board of management, under new management The restaurant is under new management.

2 managers

ADJ. junior, middle, senior, top

VERB + MANAGEMENT criticize The unions have criticized management over their handling of the dispute.

MANAGEMENT + NOUN board, committee, staff, team | meeting | decision | job, position, post, role | hierarchy, structure | buy-out | level This decision should be taken at a higher management level.

PREP. in … ~ young people in middle management

PHRASES a layer/level/tier of management