mail noun

ADJ. first-class, second-class | surface | express | registered | internal If we want to send something to another department, we use the internal mail. | international | direct direct mail advertising | incoming, outgoing | unopened, unread | electronic, video, voice | junk I throw junk mail straight in the bin without reading it. | hate He has received death threats and hate mail from angry fans. | fan

QUANT. item, sackful

VERB + MAIL send | get, receive | deliver | forward, redirect We got the Post Office to redirect our mail when we moved. | collect The mail is collected twice a day. | sort The postcode allows the mail to be sorted automatically. | check She checked her mail before leaving the hotel. | pick up | open | read | answer, deal with

MAIL + VERB come, go Has the mail come yet?

MAIL + NOUN order All our products are available by mail order. | message | item | program | system

PREP. by ~ Send it by first-class mail. | in the ~ My reply is in the mail. Is there anything interesting in the mail?