magazine noun

ADJ. new, old | rolled-up She hit him with a rolled-up magazine. | colour, glossy | monthly, quarterly, weekly | local, national, parish | school, student | house, in-house, official the company's in-house magazine | in-flight | popular | quality | special interest, specialist | teen/teenage, women's | business, trade | listings Check a listings magazine for what's on this weekend. | computer, consumer, fashion, gardening, literary, motoring, music, news, satirical, style, travel | girlie, (hard/soft) porn, porno/pornographic, sex

QUANT. copy Why did you buy three copies of the same magazine? | edition, issue

VERB + MAGAZINE leaf through, look at, read leafing through the magazines in the waiting room I never read magazines. | edit, write for | produce, publish a company that publishes fashion magazines | buy, get, subscribe to Which magazines do you get regularly?

MAGAZINE + VERB come out The magazine comes out once a month. | be aimed at sb a magazine aimed at mothers with young children | be devoted to sth a magazine devoted to country life | carry sth, feature sth, run sth The magazine carried an interview with the actor considered Hollywood's hottest property.

MAGAZINE + NOUN article, interview, story, survey | ad/advert/advertisement | cover | editor, writer

PREP. in a/the ~ an article in a women's magazine