luxury noun

1 comfort and pleasure

ADJ. great, pure, sheer It was sheer luxury to step into a hot bath. | ultimate the ultimate luxury of a sauna in your own home

QUANT. touch Silk sheets added the final touch of luxury.

VERB + LUXURY enjoy enjoying the luxury of an expensive bottle of wine | afford We can't afford such luxury. | live in

LUXURY + NOUN hotel | car, coach, liner, yacht | cruise | apartment, flat, home

PREP. in ~ brought up in luxury

PHRASES (live) a life of luxury I found out that he wasn't dead, but living a life of luxury in Australia.

2 sth expensive and unnecessary

ADJ. expensive | little, simple, small one of life's little luxuries | unnecessary

VERB + LUXURY afford We can't afford luxuries. | enjoy, have, indulge in | do without | miss He missed the simple luxuries of life, like regular meals.

LUXURY + NOUN goods, items

PHRASES have every luxury She's had every luxury in life.