lung noun

ADJ. collapsed, punctured

VERB + LUNG fill, refill I opened the window and filled my lungs with cool fresh air. | clear, empty Coughing clears the lungs of mucus. | block, choke, clog The smoke was beginning to choke her lungs. | enter Water had entered his lungs and he was choking. | puncture

LUNG + VERB heave | fill I let my lungs fill with the scented air. | collapse | burst (figurative) Lungs bursting, she flew across the finish line.

LUNG + NOUN capacity, power | cancer, complaint, condition, disease, infection, problems, tumour | surface, tissue | function | transplant

PREP. in the ~ levels of carbon dioxide in the lungs | into the ~ These particles are breathed into the lungs. | on the ~ He had blood clots on the lung.