luck noun

ADJ. better, good | pure, sheer It was sheer luck that we met like that. | bad, ill, rotten, tough It was rotten luck to be ill on the day of the interview.

QUANT. piece, stroke By a stroke of luck I came across it in a local bookshop.

VERB + LUCK bring (sb), give sb This ring has always brought me good luck. | try I decided to try my luck at the roulette wheel.

LUCK + VERB run out It looks as though our luck's finally run out. | hold If our luck holds, we should win. | improve, turn He went on gambling, sure his luck was about to turn.

PREP. by … ~ By ill luck, my flight had been cancelled. | for ~ I always carry it with me, just for luck. | in ~ You're in luck?there are just two tickets left. | out of ~ I had hoped there would be another train, but I was out of luck. | with ~ With luck, we'll get there before it closes.

PHRASES beginner's luck I don't know why I did so well?it must be beginner's luck. | better luck next time If you didn't win a prize, better luck next time. | can't believe your luck He couldn't believe his luck when the other candidate for the job withdrew. | just my luck Just my luck to get the broken chair!