loyalty noun

ADJ. absolute, complete, total, undivided, unswerving He showed unswerving loyalty to his friends. | fierce, great, intense, strong, tremendous | conflicting, divided Rows with one's in-laws often create divided loyalties. | primary, prime His prime loyalty was to his family. | family, filial, group, personal, tribal | local, national, regional | religious | party, political | brand, customer

VERB + LOYALTY command, inspire, win He inspires great loyalty from all his employees. | feel, have | display, express, prove, show | pledge, swear They pledged their loyalty to the king. | transfer Some party members found it hard to transfer their loyalty to the new leader. | expect

LOYALTY + VERB be, lie, remain His loyalties lay with people from the same background as himself.


PREP. out of ~ She stayed on at the school out of loyalty to her students. | ~ among The village is the object of fierce loyalty among its inhabitants. | ~ for Mass advertising creates brand loyalty for a product. | ~ from The company expects loyalty from its employees. | ~ to men whose loyalty is to their political careers | ~ towards The team members felt tremendous loyalty towards one another.

PHRASES a conflict of loyalties, an oath/a pledge of loyalty, a sense of loyalty