love noun

ADJ. deep, great, overwhelming, passionate her deep love for him | genuine, pure, real, true | unconditional | abiding, eternal, undying He had an abiding love of the English countryside. You have my undying love. | hopeless, unrequited a sad tale of unrequited love | thwarted a play about thwarted love | mutual | free They were into free love and avoided commitment. | first I like most sports but tennis is my first love. | brotherly, maternal, parental, sisterly | courtly, platonic, romantic the cult of courtly love in twelfth-century Aquitaine | erotic, physical, sexual | heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian | redemptive | divine, human

VERB + LOVE feel, have She felt no love for him. He had a great love of life. | search for, seek | find At last she had found true love. | express, show | declare, profess They publicly declared their love for each other. | promise ‘You promised me love!’ he cried despairingly. | return He didn't return her love. | share They share a love of music. | give sb, send (sb) Bob sends his love. | be in, fall in He fell in love with one of his students. | fall out of | make (= have sex) It was the first time they had made love. He wanted to make love to her.

LOVE + NOUN affair | life | letter | scene, song, story

PREP. for/out of ~ I did it for love! | in ~ We are very much in love. | ~ between the love between parent and child | ~ for He did not know how to express his love for her. | ~ of She had a great love of painting.

PHRASES an act of love, deeply/madly/passionately in love I was madly in love with her. | desperately/hopelessly in love, head over heels in love, love at first sight Do you believe in love at first sight? | the love of sb's life She was the love of his life.