lose verb

1 not keep

ADV. financially

VERB + LOSE be going to, be likely to, stand to The company stands to lose financially if this deal falls through. | have nothing to You have nothing to lose by telling the truth. | not want to | cannot/could not afford to We cannot afford to lose any more senior members of staff. | begin to

2 be defeated

VERB + LOSE cannot/could not afford to This is a game that Lazio cannot afford to lose.

PREP. against We lost against Leeds. | by We lost by five goals to two. | to The visiting side lost to the home team.

PHRASES win or lose Win or lose, the important thing is to remain calm. PHRASAL VERBS lose out

ADV. financially

PREP. on Many of the canal children were constantly on the move, and lost out on regular schooling. | to Our firm lost out to a larger company that could offer a lower price.