look verb

1 turn your eyes in a particular direction

ADV. carefully, closely Look at the machine quite carefully before you buy it. | sharply She looked up at me sharply when I said that. | intently, searchingly | archly | enquiringly, questioningly, quizzically, speculatively | doubtfully, dubiously | expectantly | anxiously, apprehensively | enviously, longingly He looked longingly at the food on the table. | beseechingly, imploringly, pleadingly | reproachfully | disapprovingly | pityingly | reflectively | studiously He was looking studiously down to avoid meeting her eyes. | impassively | blankly, dumbly, uncomprehendingly, unseeingly | across, away, down, over, round, up She looked over to where the others were chatting.

VERB + LOOK turn to He turned to look as she came down the stairs. | let sb ‘It's beautiful!’ ‘Oh! Let me look!’

PREP. at What are you looking at? | towards She looked towards the door.

PHRASES look and see I'll look and see if I've got any sugar in the cupboard.

2 seem/appear

VERB + LOOK make sb/sth You made me look a complete fool!

PREP. like an animal that looked like a large hedgehog | to It looks to me as if the company is in real trouble.

PHRASES look as if/as though