loan noun

ADJ. large, massive | long-term, short-term | interest-free, low-interest | secured, unsecured As it was an unsecured loan, their property was not at risk. | outstanding They used the inheritance to pay off their outstanding loan. | personal | bank | bridging, temporary

VERB + LOAN apply for, ask for, request | arrange, get, raise, take out She had to take out a bridging loan until she could sell her house. | give sb, grant sb, make sb My bank manager offered to make me a loan. | receive | pay off, repay | secure, underwrite

LOAN + VERB average sth, total sth loans totalling a million pounds

LOAN + NOUN application | agreement, arrangement, deal | charges, interest, rate | repayment They were struggling to meet their monthly loan repayments. | commitments | facility, service The bank provides personal loan facilities at competitive rates. | period The book must be returned by the end of the loan period. | shark He ran up massive debts borrowing from loan sharks.

PREP. on ~ (from) The paintings are on loan from the Wallace Collection. | ~ from a loan from my brother

PHRASES give sb/have the loan of sth He's given us the loan of his car for the weekend. | security against/for a loan He had to use his house as security for the loan. > Special page at BUSINESS