list noun

ADJ. long, short | complete, comprehensive, full We are compiling a full list of all local businesses. | alphabetical | waiting We're on the waiting list for membership of the golf club. | shopping | mailing | reading For further information, see the reading list at the end of the chapter. | guest | cast The play has an impressive cast list. | transfer (= in football) The club captain has been put on the transfer list at his own request.

VERB + LIST compile, draw up, make | put sth on Did you put bread on the shopping list?

LIST + VERB comprise sth, contain sth a list comprising all the paintings in the gallery

PREP. in a/the ~ Names of past members are not included in the list. | on a/the ~ I can't see your name on the list. | ~ of a list of 200 names

PHRASES the bottom/top of a list Variety is near the top of many people's list of job requirements. | high on a list Safety is high on our list of priorities. | a list of priorities Phoning the bank is top of my list of priorities today.